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I have always had a desire to create beautiful things. At an early age I developed a love for art, craft and design. My lifelong fascination with picture books helped me to understand the link between design and storytelling.  Websites aren’t so different from the picture books we grew up with. Text and design come together in new and exciting ways to convey our own interactive stories.

I graduated from my picture book days and went on to get a masters degree in Information Science (a.k.a. library school).  After graduation, I came back to those picture books of my childhood. I worked as a children’s librarian for over 3 years at a public library, where I shared my love of reading and lifelong learning with people young and not-so-young.

I took my own advice and went back to school in 2013 when I stumbled upon a Ladies Learning Code workshop. I was hooked! In January of 2014 I enrolled into HackerYou’s Part-Time Intro to HTML and CSS and fell deeper in love with coding. I jumped at the opportunity to join HackerYou’s Front-End Web Development Immersive. Over one year and many lines of code later I am thrilled to be starting my second career in the tech industry. My past experience in library and information science paired with my ongoing education in cutting edge front-end technology is sure to be a story to tell.